Welcome to Crazy Acres Farm!

Welcome to Crazy Acres Farm, where our organically-grown heirloom fruits and vegetables might not look pretty, but they taste incredible! Our philosophy is that we should grow our food without the use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides, or genetic modification. We work hard to find seeds and plants from heirloom sources, then we grow our food in rich, organic soil that we have fertilized using our own organic mulch and compost. Everything is handled on our farm so there is as little risk of introducing any non-organic material as possible. The result is all-natural fruits and vegetables that have amazing flavor, but that might be a bit “ugly” by today’s standards.

When we purchased our farm land, it was being actively farmed using modern farming methods. We currently work with a local farmer who uses no-till planting and other conservation methodology to farm the bulk of our farm land. We have reserved a three-acre plot for our organic growing efforts. We left our three-acre plot untouched for several years to allow any chemical fertilizers and insecticides that might be present in the soil to decompose.  After letting the land sit fallow for several years, we covered our plot with leaves and grass clippings in the fall and let that sit over the soil through the winter. In the spring, we tilled in the organic material then covered the soil with another layer of leaves and grass clippings; we repeated this cycle several times through the spring until the soil looked rich and fertile. As the last day of frost passed, we were ready to start planting.

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